I am a professional web developer. I love building products for the web that serve people.


  • Professional Development Skills

    Version Control

    I use Git a lot. I am well versed at committing, pushing, pulling, merging, rebasing, squashing, forking, cherry-picking, diffing, tagging, and releasing. I love leaving a codebase with a well documented and informative version history.

    Terminal Friendly

    I live in the commandline. Primary unix-like, but I can do Windows when I need to.

  • Frontend Web Development


    • Methods: Semantic, Accessible


    • Processors: PostCSS, Sass, Less
    • Methods: BEMIT, OOCSS, functional CSS
    • Libraries: Tailwind, Tachyons


    • Variants: ES2015+, Node
    • Libraries: React, jQuery
    • Package Managers: NPM, Yarn

    Build Tools

  • Backend Web Development


    • Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony
    • Applications: WordPress (Roots)
    • Package Managers: Composer
    • Tools: PHP_Codesniffer, PHPUnit


    • MySQL, MariaDB
  • Dev Ops
    • Vagrant
    • Ansible
    • Docker
    • CI/CD tools such as Travis and CircleCI
    • Error tracking tools like Sentry
  • What I’m learning on the weekends…

Work Experience

  • Freelance Web Developer (2016 - Present)

    Select Projects:

    • The Bible Project: landing pages for email campaigns
    • The Art of Wayfaring: full website
    • An undisclosed startup: a frontend (React) app prototype for pitching to investors.
    • An undisclosed non-profit: an email/SMS reminder system with an user management interface (React frontend, Laravel backend).
  • Rentbridge – Interim CTO (October 2018 - February 2019)
  • United Youth Outreach – Creative/IT Coordinator (January 2018 - March 2019), Media/Tech Intern (Summer 2016; Summer 2015)

    United Youth Outreach is a non-profit organization that empowers young leaders to do youth ministry. It functions as an umbrella for a multitude of different ministries. I have been working with United Youth Outreach for almost 4 years in a number of capacities. Over the years, I’ve built websites for the different ministries, provided graphic design, and have even built an app (Laravel).

  • True Market – Full Stack Web Developer (January - December 2018)

    True Market is a full service digital agency in Calgary, Alberta. I was a full stack web developer for True Market, however, functionally, I was the lead developer. I was responsible for building the team’s current web stack.

Open Source

I contribute to open source software. See my contributions on GitHub.



  • Eston College – Bachelor's of Biblical Studies (cand.) (September 2013 – Present)

    Eston College is a small Bible college in Eston, Saskatchewan — the middle of nowhere!


    • Certificate of Music and Discipleship (2014)
    • Certificate of Discipleship in Techonology (2015)
    • Associate Diploma of Biblical Studies (2016)
    • Bachelor's of Biblical Studies (2019)


    • Outstanding Student in Tech Discipleship (2015)